Nevus of Ota Treatment for Improved Confidence

Freckle/Pigment Removal Before and After Photos

  • Do you notice brown pigment on the white part of your eyes?
  • Are you worried by the appearance of your eyes?
  • Does its bother you comments people make about your eyes?
  • Do you feel like avoiding social situations?
  • Is it difficult for you to make direct eye contact with others?
  • Are you insecure or lack confidence due to your eyes appearance?
  • Have many eye doctors told you that there is no treatment?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, the I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty procedure may be a solution to treat the appearance of your eyes.

Many people ask if this procedure is REAL. You may be surprised to learn there is something that can put a stop to your agnony due to the way your eyes look. Not only can you experience improvement in the brown spots on your eyes, but your self-confidence can be improved.

Many patients, like you, who have been overwhelmed and plagued by the appearance of their eyes are experiencing relief with the I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty procedure.

Some patients ask, “What is a Nevus of Ota?”

Eye Nevus of Ota is an area that has increased melanin (pigment) producing cells. This increased melanin can be inside the eye, on the whites of the eye (sclera), and on the eyelids. In most cases, these cells are benign. It is recommend that you have annual eye exams to monitor the Nevus of Ota.

» Learn if I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty for Nevus of Ota Treatment is the right for you, click here to send an email to one of our helpful staff to schedule a complimentary photo review via e-mail or for a more personalized approach and answering of specific questions call (310) 594-5209.

Before and After Examples

(Results will vary person to person)

Nevus of Ota Before I-BRITE

Nevus of Ota Before I-BRITE®

Nevus of Ota After I-BRITE

Nevus of Ota After

Nevus of Ota Before I-BRITE

Nevus of Ota Before

Nevus of Ota After I-BRITE

Nevus of Ota After

Nevus of Ota Before I-BRITE

Nevus of Ota Before

Nevus of Ota After I-BRITE

Nevus of Ota After

pre nevus of OtaNevus of Ota Before

post nevus of OtaNevus of Ota After

The I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty Consumer Report provides “insider” information to learn how YOU can experience whiter eyes with Nevus of Ota Treatment. This report will provide the information on how to reveal whiter eyes.

Terron came to see Dr. Brian from Washington DC after having pigmentation problems

Are You a Candidate for Nevus of Ota Treatment?

Find out by e-mailing some close-up photos of your eyes to and request a “Free Photo Review for I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty for Nevus of Ota Treatment.” Your photos will be personally reviewed by Dr. Brian and he will provide an initial treatment recommendation and cost estimate for I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty.

*Please note – Dr. Brian will need to evaluate you in person for final candidacy.

Why did my eyes get like this?

It is not uncommon to wonder “why did my eyes get like this?” It is believed that there are extra melanin-producing cells that are located in this area of your eyes causing excessive pigmentation to accumulate. Most patients report their eyes feel 100% perfect, it is just the appearance they are bothered by. After the procedure to assist with enhancing the long term results we recommend purchasing a good quality pair of sunglasses and wear at all times, even while driving on cloudy days.

What can I expect with the procedure?

You will be relieved to know that patients that have had the I-Brite® Conjunctivoplasty report the procedure is easier than a visit to the dentist. Since the I-Brite® Conjunctivoplasty procedure is a 100% no-stich procedure and takes often less than 15-minutes per eye, most patients find that the procedure seems to be over quicker than anticipated. A majority of patients have the procedure on a Friday and are back to their daily routine by Monday or Tuesday. Most patients will begin to see some initial whiter results as soon as 2-4 weeks after I-Brite® Conjunctivoplasty, but a majority of patients will realize the full results after 10-16 weeks. Due to individual healing responses, results will vary. Dr. Brian developed the I-Brite® Conjunctivoplasty procedure and it is EXCLUSIVELY available in his Beverly Hills office.

Is there any downside to the procedure?

Maybe you are wondering – “are there any downsides or risks with I-Brite® Conjunctivoplasty for Nevus of Ota Treatment?” There are some minimal side effects or risks, these include: moderate irritation or achiness during the healing period, a slight scratchy sensation for a period of days, a puffy or heavy eyelids for a period of days, occasional mild to moderate dryness of the eyes the first year, light sensitivity that can persist for a few weeks, and/or recurrence of pigmentation. Our most recent year end review involved evaluating 1327 I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty procedures. This review found that 3 patient (0.2%) had light sensitivity that lasted beyond 6 months. Overall, most patients reported, once the eyes heal that their eyes felt more comfortable than prior to the procedure. When you personally meet with Dr. Brian he will discuss the risks of the I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty procedure in more detail as it relates to your particular case. Side effects are uncommon and treatable in the rare case should they occur.

I don’t live near Beverly Hills – is that a problem?

If you live outside of Southern California, that’s not a problem.

p-plane-smallEvery week, patients fly in to meet with Dr. Brian from other parts of the United States, even from all over the world (as far away as United Kingdom, Australia and even China) for Nevus of Ota Treatment with I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty. Our friendly and helpful staff will make your visit to our office “easy and simple” with helpful suggestions on hotels, activities and transportation while you are in town.

If you don’t live local, the first step is to e-mail some close-up photographs of your eyes to Free of charge, Dr. Brian will personally review your photos to preliminary determine if I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty might be right for you. Please take the following 5 photos of your eyes:

  • Right Eye – looking straight ahead
  • Left Eye – looking straight ahead
  • Both Eyes – looking up at the ceiling, keeping head in straight position, only move eyes
  • Both Eyes – looking to the far right, keeping head in straight position, only move eyes
  • Both Eyes – looking to the far left, keeping head in straight position, only move eyes

Based on these photos Dr. Brian will be able to provide a preliminary determination of candidacy for I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty and an estimated cost for YOUR procedure. After this preliminary approval, you can schedule a in-person consultation and treatment over an easy 3-day visit to our office in Beverly Hills, California. Please understand – photo review is a preliminary evaluation and the final treatment plan and final pricing will be confirmed with you during your in-office consultation with Dr. Brian.

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» You can also find out more about the easy and worry-free process, by simply calling (310) 594-5209 and speak to one of our friendly patient counselors.

Why are waiting to find relief? Learn if you are a candidate for Nevus of Ota Treatment!

I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty might be right for you, find out by e-mailing a close-up picture of your eyes to and request a “Free I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty Photo Review.” *Note: final determination for candidacy is be determined by Dr. Brian during your in-person examination (performed over an easy 3-day visit to Beverly Hills, California).

Request the “must know” facts and “insider” information by requesting your copy of the I-BRITE® Conjunctivoplasty Consumer Report. This report will show how Nevus of Ota Treatment will help reveal whiter and brighter eyes.

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