WhiterEyes™ Eye Whitening Treatment and Recovery

Image is everything, in today’s “image ridden” world we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves just a little more. If you are suffering from bloodshot, brown spots, or notice yellowing of the eye, you may be a candidate for our WhiterEyes™ procedure. This procedure pioneered by Dr. Brian, is a 100% no-stich procedure that typically takes 15 minutes. You may resume to your normal activities within 1-7 days, and results are visible within 4-6 weeks after the procedure. As with any procedure, results vary due to differences in healing response.


There is a preliminary no-cost evaluation that can be done by  emailing the office photos of your eyes. You can email these photos to: info@boxerwachler.com

Once the preliminary evaluation is completed, you can schedule an in-office consultation. This 2 hour in-office evaluation is the final determination to see if you are a potential candidate. If you are an out of town patient, the evaluation and procedure can be done on an easy 3- Day Trip.

The WhiterEyes™ procedure has brought many of our patients the confidence back they once had.

The feeling you will get when you look in the mirror is well worth the cost and recovery time of undergoing the WhiterEyes™ Eye Whitening Procedure.

Call our office at (310) 860-1900 or email us at info@boxerwachler.com to schedule your preliminary evaluation.

WhiterEyes™ Are Your Red Eyes Affecting You Emotionally?

Our daily struggle with appearance from media, commercial, and social circles is a big burden on us physically and emotionally as well. The daily strain can effect our self-esteem as well as our overall health. Understanding how something so simple can effect our mind as well as our body is one many over look until there dragged down by it. The simple effect of red eye on us day in and day out can strain us emotionally causing more physical effects then we realize.

There are many treatments that you can get over the counter that will provide a temporary relief from red eye but it will not give you a permanent fix to your condition. There are many symptoms to your condition like irritation, swelling of the area around the eye, constant watering of the eye or both eyes, and itching just to name a few.

If you are struggling with discolored, tired looking, or darkening of color in the white of your eyes there is a treatment that can help you. The WhiterEyes™ Eye Whitening procedure will help you. This procedure removes the bothersome outer membrane (conjunctiva) across the whites of your eye. This outer layer contains the unsightly excessive red veins, yellowing or brown pigment spots. Once the outer layer is removed a new layer can grow in its place giving you a whole new look.

Our overall health is not only based on our symptoms of conditions but the emotional feelings we have toward ourselves. The WhiterEyes™ Eye Whitening procedure can help you feel rejuvenated and healthy when you look in the mirror giving you more confidence and energy than you ever expected.

Benefits of the WhiterEyes™ eye whitening procedure:
  • Takes only 15-20 minutes
  • Return to work within 2-10 days
  • No lasers are needed
  • No sutures
  • Most people are candidates

Dr. Boxer Wachler is providing preliminary evaluations for this procedure by simply sending an up close photo of your eyes to info@boxerwachler.com to see if you are a candidate. Than he will set up an evaluation and you can have the procedure done the same day.

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, MD is a renowned eye surgeon specializing in WhiterEyes™ eye whitening, and other procedures. More helpful information is available at www.WhiterEyes.com

You can watch a first hand account of a patient’s healing experience here:

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