Permanente Means Forever: Tattoo Eye Makeup

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Permanente Eye Makeup

The eye line is said to be one of the most sensitive parts of the eye. When applying permanent eye makeup, it is very important to have a professional makeup artist that has prior skill and knowledge in applying the makeup. Once the makeup is applied permanently to your eye line, the risk factors increase.

Sensitivity and Infection

It is common for women to develop keloids (overgrowth scar tissue), puffy eyes, swelling, peeling, crackling and even allergic reactions to the different ink shades after having the procedure done. If you suffer from sensitive skin or eyes, permanent eye makeup may not be the best option.

How Permanent is Permanent?

When getting permanent makeup done, it is ones intention to have that makeup on for long periods of time, but everybody’s body reacts different. Some people face significant amount of fading, leading them to have touch ups more frequently. Overtime permanent eye makeup colors do change, resulting in odd skin pigments.


Having any part of the eye tattooed is a high level of pain to the eye. Although the eyelid is small and does not take a long time to complete, the undergoing of the needle on the skin can cause lots of discomfort.

If you are considering permanent eye makeup, consult with a makeup artist before making the final decision. These are only a few things to consider if you are interested in permanent eye makeup.

Questions to Consider

1. How certified is the makeup artist?

Like most things, being certified and building up credibility is important when conducting a service. Ask the makeup artist the school they went too and proof of certifications for  “micro-pigmentation, makeup artistry, blood-borne pathogens and have been okayed by the local health department”. Reading online reviews, and a makeup portfolio is your best bet.

2. Ask if they use disposable needles

For sanitation purposes it is important to have sterile needles for each client. Make sure you see the unopened  package of needles in your presence and throw the needles away after it is used.

3. Ask to get a sample

Before having permanent makeup applied, asking the artist to apply a “patch test” onto your skin to ensure you will not have an allergic reaction to the pigment that is going to be used. Knowing beforehand saves you from any complications that may happen in the future.

4. How long are the procedures?

Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time so the artist does not feel rushed. When something is permanent you want it done as best as it can be.


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