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This page is dedicated to patient experiences who have had treatment by Dr. Brian S. Boxer Wachler, or “Dr. Brian” as he is affectionately known. Dr. Brian treats patients from all walks of life and all over the world.

We aim to provide vision improvement with the utmost attention to detail and maximize safety and results for every patient we treat.

Doctors Trust Dr. Brian

As a breast surgeon, my vision affects much more than my own life.

I wanted LASIK for years and now, thanks to Dr. Boxer Wachler, I can see!
~ Dr. Kristi Funk, MD
Breast Surgeon, Beverly Hills
Breast Surgeon for Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crow

I could have had my LASIK done by virtually any surgeon in the world. I chose Dr. Brian to perform it not only because he is the best…but because he genuinely cares.

~Dr. Richard Nepomuceno, MD
LASIK Surgeon, Philippines

As a doctor, I have had the opportunity to work with physicians in essentially every medical specialty. As a spine and neurosurgeon, I can recognize the talent of fellow surgeons. Not only is it important that surgeons are skilled at “routine” operations, but also be adept at handling complications and difficult cases. Simply put, Dr. Brian has exceptional surgical abilities and can handle cases of routine or complex nature.

I was initially weary of undergoing an eye operation because I am dependent on perfect vision in order to succeed in my profession. Only until I met Dr. Brian was I comfortable enough to undergo the operation. I have had both LASIK and PRK with wonderful results. I highly recommend Dr Boxer Wachler to others considering visual correction surgery.

~Dr. Khawar Siddique, MD
Los Angeles, Neurosurgeon

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Very courteous, professional and efficient staff. Dr. Boxer Wachler’s communication during the procedure was very effective. One of my partners will probably be contacting you soon!Dr. Guy Mayeda, MD
Manhattan Beach, CA
Dr. Boxer Wachler is one of the most gifted physicians in the medical profession. As a surgeon myself, I know how to recognize skill and natural talent. Dr. Boxer Wachler was born with the gift of his hands and all his patients benefit from it!Dr. Glenn Cohen, MD
Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon
Westlake Village, CA
Postop day 1 results – vision better than before surgery with corrective lenses. Reading vision greatly improved. I was a prior RK patient and slowing my vision faded. Dr. Brian restored my vison and enhanced my ability to take care of my own patients.Dr. Kent Takemoto, MD
Internal Medicine Physician
Calabasas, CA
Excellent experience. Staff was accommodating at every step and very professional. Dr. Boxer Wachler and staff were great in answering all questions and explaining steps during the procedure and what to expect afterwards.Dr. Ardavan Afshar, MD
Internal Medicine, Beverly Hills, CA
I am very impressed with Dr. Boxer Wachler and the entire staff. During the procedure they were very comforting and reassuring. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends. I will never forget sitting up from the laser bed and seeing the clock on the wall. Entirely worth the drive from Irvine! Don’t let traffic hold you back.
Dr. Julie Kuniyoshi, MD
Internal Medicine
Irvine, CA
Dr. Boxer Wachler, I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the result of my Intacs for keratoconus. I see well with my left eye and now that I have been fitted with a soft contact lens for my other eye. I have worn hard/RGP contact lenses. It is a real joy to wear a soft contact lens.Dr. William Smoot, MD
Retired Physcian
Billings, Montana
I’m very happy with the outcome. Truly a gifted surgeon, restoring one’s sight with amazing results. Absolutely comfortable procedure. Dr. Brian has one of the most incredible bedside manners I’ve seen for a surgeon.Dr. Maria Karantza, MD
Beverly Hills, CA

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Keratoconus Patient Experiences

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Steven Holcomb – Gold Medalist Conquers Keratoconus

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Visian ICL

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RK Patients Improve Vision with New Treatments

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Why Patient’s Say You Must See Dr. Brian

I spent 18 months researching the LASIK procedure and the physicians who perform it and I am convinced that Dr. Boxer Wachler is the best on the planet. He proved it yesterday by changing my “legally blind” vision. Dr. Boxer Wachler is a kind, thoughtful, and superb physician who has pioneered many procedures. A genius.

Lee Lynch
Buyer for Raytheon
Whittier, CA
WOW! For the first time, I saw the alarm clock this morning! I cannot wait to fully enjoy this summer and the ocean, outdoors with no contacts nor glasses. I really want to thank G-d for giving me this opportunity and the talents of Dr. Boxer Wachler and the staff. Thanks a million!

Karla Piedrahita
Pharmceutical Sales
Pasadena, CA
I did enough research on the procedure, the results, and possible complications to write a book. That is why I chose Dr. Boxer Wachler because I felt he was the best and my chances of no complications would be minimized. I had the amazing alarm clock experience that I always wanted to have!

Boris Rashkovsky
Northridge, CA
I was initially disappointed when you explained that I wasn’t a candidate for LASIK. I had been to another doctor who said that I was a “perfect” candidate. After you reviewed your test results, I know why I’m not a candidate. I am hopeful that future technology you are working with will eventually be available to correct my vision. Thank you!

David K.
Beverly Hills, CA
Dr. Boxer Wachler, if I would have known previously what a breeze you make the entire procedure, I wouldn’t have bitten my fingernails the day before!

Jill Sokolec
Beverly Hills, CA
Dr. Boxer Wachler made the surgery procedure very understandable and comfortable. The care of the patient by staff is wonderful and meaningful.

Jose Barez
Forensic Architect Engineer
Sun City West, Arizona
I am extremely happy with the way everything has turned out. If you ever have someone ask for a reference for this procedure, I would love to give one.

Edgar Valenzuela
El Paso, Texas

I had the procedure and the next day was able to see everything I’ve been missing. Quick procedure.

Jeffrey Wells

The procedure itself was over very quickly with my actual time in the operating room being less than 30 minutes. I experience noticeable improvement in sight during the first day. Much of the blurriness cleared by the second day with a great improvement in the long range sight.

Lee Kolligian
Sports Agent
Pacific Palisades, CA

It’s only the first day, but I can already read this questionnaire! It’s quite a miracle considering I’ve been wearing glasses for 40 years! Dr. Boxer Wachler did a great job and was quite excellent in keeping me informed every step of the way.

Jeff Harmon
Palmdale, CA

Everyone here has been so nice and helpful. Dr. Boxer Wachler has a wonderful “chairside manner” and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. My keratoconus is very far progressed and he was very honest with what the outcome of the surgery would be for my case.

Debbie Oliver
Real Estate Manager
Brandywine, Maryland

One of the best decisions I made was to have LASIK with Dr. Boxer Wachler. The surgery was comfortable and only mild discomfort occurred after the surgery. If anyone is debating about the procedure, think no more, just do it with Dr. Boxer Wachler!!

Ben Marzouk
Seal Beach, CA

I had been to a few places before I visited Dr. Brian’s office and boy what a difference. From cleanliness to staff friendliness, it is far better than what’s out there. Also, the preop and postop preparation was outstanding. Thank you Dr. Brian.

Edik Hartoonian
Sales Manager
Porter Ranch, CA

The whole staff atmosphere was completely professional and yet I felt I was at home. Dr. Boxer Wachler was perfect – what a mix of brilliance and bedside manner. There is no way to say an adequate “Thank You!”

Susie Tranbrefield
School Administrator
Palm Desert, CA

Having researched and evaluated LASIK in Montana, I was still undecided. Once I saw Dr. Boxer Wachler, all my fears were alleviated and my questions were answered. I would never go anywhere else for eyecare. It is worth the cost and travel to see Dr. Brian.

Jane Dunn
Self Employed
Red Lodge, Montana

I’m so deeply moved to see after a lifetime of dependence on glasses. Words cannot describe my joy! Everything went very smoothly. The staff all have a great bed-side manner and helped when I was anxious. I would definitely recommend Dr. Brian to friends and family!

John Whittaker
Leona Valley, CA

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