Dry Eye Treatment in Los Angeles

Model/Actress Ali Landry shares her experience with LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatment

Revolutionary Dry Eye Treatment Can Improve Your Life

Do you suffer from one or more of the following?

  • Dryness
  • Discomfort and irritation
  • Grittiness or feeling of a ‘foreign body’ in the eye
  • Burning or stinging sensation especially when you wake up in the morning
  • Tearing
  • Redness in the morning
  • Discharge
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty wearing contact lenses
  • Vision disturbance
  • Sensitivity to light

If you answered yes, we can help you.

Dr. Brian takes a holistic approach to treating your dry eyes. That is the reason he often prescribes testosterone eyelid cream (based on search at Harvard Medical School) to restore this important hormone to the eyelid oil glands to treat dry eyes. As we age, testosterone levels decline and this is the most common cause of meibomian gland dysfunction.

Dry Eye Treatments Featured on Dr. Phil’s show – The Doctors

Although these symptoms often start as minor inconveniences, the effects of Dry Eye are progressive and can worsen over time, potentially leading to severe discomfort, blurred vision, and permanent scarring of your eyes.

The #1 cause of dry eyes is inflammation in your eyelid oil glands. Most people call it “blepharitis” aka meibomian gland dysfunction. Without proper treatment it can make your daily activities frustrating, affecting your personal and professional life, from reading or watching TV, to driving or working on the computer.


Dr. Brian lectures around the world on his Dry Eye Treatment (shown here in Greece).

Blepharitis affects approximately 9 out of 10 Dry Eye patients (86%).

However, Blepharitis is the most under diagnosed cause of Dry Eye (if your eye doctor didn’t press on your eyelids to see what comes out of the oil glands, then it’s possible it was a missed diagnosis).

Cause of Blepharitis Dry Eyes

Based of 20+ years of research at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Brian understood long ago that the cause of Blepharitis is often a hormone imbalance – not enough testosterone getting to the eyelid oil glands (which have receptors for testosterone in both men AND women).

Hormones decline as we age.  That’s the reason Blepharitis Dry Eye occurs much more often in older folks due to hormone changes.

Using artificial tears alone does not deal with the root cause of the problem. Without the healthy natural oil, tears continue to evaporate faster than are produced. When the oils are healthy, they mix with the tears to slow evaporation, thus creating a moister eye environment to help your eyes.

Have you tried warm compresses? Many people have used warm compresses on the eyelids and finger massage to express the oil. Studies have found that this is not as effective as treatments that address the underlying cause. Also many people are not able to do the at-home warm compress routine on a daily basis.

If you’ve suffered for a year, 5 years, even 10 or 15+ years with Dry Eyes, please know Dr. Brian has helped good people just like you. It’s never too late to get help.

Dr. Brian is an inventor of advanced dry treatments and he has received two patents from the United States Patent and Trademark office.

Dry eye
Over time you lose oil glands and it’s permanent making dry eye chronic.

Is chronic inflammation in the body ever good?  Of course, you know the answer in NO.   It’s no different when it comes to your precious, “you only get one set in your life” meibomian oil glands.  .  Over many years, untreated Blepharitis can have some significant permanent effects.

When your eyelid oil gland inflammation goes unchecked for years, it causes shrinkage of the glands and then they start dropping out.  Once that happens, there’s no way for Dr. Brian to bring them back.

This is the reason taking a proactive approach is strongly recommended and the smart thing to do.  Protect the glands with easy treatments so you don’t lose any of them and don’t life the rest of your with chronic dry eyes.  Again, once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

Dr. Brian’s Simple 2-Step Dry Eye Treatment

First, clean out the inflamed oil.  Second, maintain your new, healthy oils.

Step 1 – LipiFlow®

This is a specialized treatment that opens up and cleans out your inflamed, clogged oil glands by gently heating the glands in the eyelid then “massaging” out the inflammation-causing, clogged oils.

It’s like taking dirty sewer pipes and “power washing” them squeaky clean.

Dr. Brian Discusses LipiFlow Treatment

LipiFlow is a revolutionary treatment for dry eyes. Dr. Brian says relief for dry eyes is now a relaxing 12-minute treatment.

Who is a good candidate for LipiFlow treatment for dry eyes? Dr. Brian says each patient is carefully evaluated to determine whether LipiFlow will be the best therapy.

The treatment is painless and only takes 12 minutes to perform. There is no downtime, just like having your teeth cleaned at the dentist. Many patients describe the procedure as a “spa treatment” for their eyelids. (Dr. Brian himself had it for his Dry Eyes).

People often have the Lipiflow treatment when they are here for their Dry Eye exam.

Leaving your Blepharitis untreated runs the risk of the glands slowly scarring over time due to chronic inflammation in the glands. Once the glands are scarred, there is no way anyone, not even Dr. Brian, to bring them back.

Step 2 – Specialized Testosterone Eyelid Cream

Dr. Brian invented the use of testosterone eyelid cream.  It’s vital to help reduce the re-development of the inflamed, clogged oils in your eyelid glands that Lipiflow removed. (Remember, Harvard Medical School discovered these glands have receptors for testosterone).

This is the key part for helping your long term relief.  Lipiflow without testosterone cream will not prevent your symptoms from returning. That is the reason virtually every eye doctor will tell you Blepharitis Dry Eye is a chronic, non-curable condition. The good news with Dr. Brian’s Lipiflow and testosterone treatment, 96% of people enjoy long term relief.

Dr. Brian’s Dry Eye Treatments Featured on Dr. Phil’s show – The Doctors

Imagine returning to doing the things you enjoy without worrying about your dry eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Eye Disease

How is dry eye disease diagnosed?

Dry eye disease is diagnosed with a complete eye exam and a discussion of the history of your symptoms. Dr. Brian will ask you questions about your medical history, medications, lifestyle and any previous eye surgeries to identify potential causes or contributing factors to dry eye disease. He will also assess your tear production and the composition of your tears to learn more about your case. Dr. Brian may look closely at the surface of your eyes for any signs of problems caused by insufficient tears.

What is meibomian gland dysfunction?

The meibomian glands produce oils that make tears “stick” to the surface of the eyes longer. In meibomian gland dysfunction, the glands become clogged with thickened oil deposits and can no longer secrete the oily layer of the tear film. As a result, tears evaporate too rapidly off the ocular surface, and the eyes experience ongoing dryness.

Treating meibomian gland dysfunction requires softening the clogged oil deposits and clearing them from the eye. LipiFlow is specifically designed to unclog the glands and restore a normal flow of oils to the tear film; subsequently, applying testosterone cream to the eyelids helps regulate the glands and reduce the inflammation. Researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered these glands have receptors for testosterone.

Are all cases of dry eye attributed to meibomian gland dysfunction?

No, but most are. Cases caused by meibomian gland dysfunction are categorized as “evaporative dry eye” cases. Other cases, known as “aqueous dry eye” cases, occur when the tear glands do not produce enough of the watery component of the tear film and is less common than meibomian gland dysfunction.

If I have dry eye disease, why do my eyes water so much?

It may not seem logical, but sometimes when the body does not produce enough tears, or the tears they produce don’t have the proper composition, the eyes become irritated. Irritated eyes react by overproducing tears, like if you got sand in your eye. Unfortunately, these tears do not have enough oil and/or mucus and do not lubricate the eyes like healthy tears.

Is LipiFlow treatment painful?

LipiFlow is not painful at all. The sensation of heat and massage may feel a little unusual, but it should not hurt. For some patients, it feels similar to a relaxing spa treatment. The treatment only lasts 12 minutes total.

Dr. Brian himself has had LipiFlow, and he also uses the testosterone eyelid cream (and has done so for many years).

Are there steps I can take on my own to improve dry eye symptoms?

You can try doing a few things to improve dry eye symptoms:

  • Consume foods or supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Focus on blinking more frequently.
  • Avoid excessively dry, windy or arid climates.
  • When working on a computer for long periods of time, take frequent breaks.
  • Discontinue the use of or change medications known to cause or contribute to dry eyes (talk to your doctor first).
  • Use a humidifier at home or work.
  • Avoid letting ceiling fans and your car’s air conditioner or heater blow directly in your face.
  • Alcohol can make your dry eyes worse.

What happens if I let dry eye disease go untreated?

If you ignore chronic dry eye symptoms, you potentially put your eyes at risk of serious complications such as corneal infection or scarring.

Uncontrolled meibomian gland disease can gradually cause scarring of the glands, at which point Dr. Brian unfortunately cannot restore them to good health. Ultimately your visual clarity could also suffer due to the ramifications of untreated dry eyes.

Patients Discuss Life-Changing LipiFlow and Testosterone Eye Cream Treatments

Susan had seen many doctors for her Blepharitis issues with no solution until a friend recommended her to see Dr. Brian.

Mike from Alberta Canada talks about his experience with Dry Eyes and LipiFlow treatment.

Jennifer, from Westchester, came to see Dr. Brian for LipiFlow for Blepharitis.

Diana came from Rancho Mirage to see Dr. Brian for the LipiFlow treatment.

Faye shares how she’s been doing 1 month after LipiFlow. She used to constantly have burning/tearing of the eyes and also suffer from styes.

Barbara, a long-time patient of Dr. Brian’s, discusses her experience with the LipiFlow Treatment for treating her Dry Eyes.

Moniqua from Los Angeles had Dry Eyes problems and now has relief after LipiFlow with Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler.

Dr. Brian’s dry eye treatments can free you from dryness, burning, irritation and can restore your normal life again.

At last, relief from your years of suffering is finally possible. Live a life of freedom from your dry eyes just like thousands of other good people like yourself who we have helped. Call today 424-274-0958, or email us at info@boxerwachler.com to schedule an assessment appointment where Dr. Brian will personally meet and evaluate you and discuss how he can help you.

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