Patient Reviews

This page is dedicated to Dr. Brian S. Boxer Wachler reviews from a wide variety of patients from all walks of life and all over the world who have had surgery by Dr. Brian (as his patient’s affectionately refer to him). We aim to provide vision improvement with the utmost attention to detail and maximize safety for every patient we treat.

Keratoconus Patient Reviews

Keratoconus Treatment with Visian ICL and Holcomb C3-R® Review

I always knew there was something wrong with my eyes. At age four I was already in glasses. I felt my vision varied day-by-day, hour by hour. I started to wear RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses when I was 22, but I wanted to correct my vision. I knew I wasn’t a candidate for laser surgery because of my unstable eyes but I couldn’t resist getting a consultation. It was at that appointment that I found out what was wrong with my eyes – Keratoconus. It was liberating and depressing at the same time. Liberating because I finally knew what was wrong, but depressing because the doctor made it clear that this was progressive and said, “Keratocous is not curable,” and “there’s limited treatments that would only delay the inevitable.” I felt desperate for an alternative of any kind. Feeling a little desperate, I decided to go to Beverly Hills for the Holcomb C3-R® procedure. When I went in for the initial exam and consultation, Dr. Brian asked me about my hopes I replied: “I would really like to see without glasses or contacts but if that can’t be helped, at least stop my eyes from getting worse!” He acknowledged my hopes and told me there was a procedure that would give me a 50% chance of seeing 20/20. On my 27th Birthday I was seeing 20/20 without glasses or contacts. It was a dream come true! I couldn’t be happier!

Alice Tsai ~ Southern California, Occupational Therapist
Holcomb C3-R® & Visian ICL 2009
Boxer Wachler Review 2011

WhiterEyes® Patient Reviews

WhiterEyes® Eye Whitening Testimonial
What can I say but THANK YOU! So much has changed in just the past few weeks of being able to take off my sunglasses and look at people in the eye with such confidence. People now make so many comments like, ‘There’s something different about you’, ‘You look like you had a relaxed Summer’, and ‘Wow, you’re eyes look so blue!”. All of this is because of you Dr. Brian. I look forward to meeting my students and their parents in three days feeling self-assured that they are listening to what I’m saying and not judging why I look tired as they did in the past.

Michael V. ~ Teacher, Austin, MN
WhiterEyes® Eye Whitening 2010
Boxer Wachler Review 2011

Fortified LASIK Reviews

US Senator Michael Baumgartner

Fortified LASIK Testimonial
“I think we are at the 10 year anniversary of my LASIK. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how much it benefitted my quality of life.” ~ Michael Baumgartner, U.S. Senator, LASIK Patient 2005

PRK Patient Reviews

LASIK and PRK Review
As a doctor, I have had the opportunity to work with physicians in essentially every medical specialty. As a spine and neurosurgeon, I can recognize the talent of fellow surgeons. Not only is it important that surgeons are skilled at the “routine” operations, but also be adept at handling complications and difficult cases. Simply put, Brian has exceptional surgical abilities and can handle cases of routine or complex nature. I was initially weary of undergoing an eye operation because I am dependent on perfect vision in order to succeed in my profession. Only until I met Brian was I comfortable enough to undergo the operation. I have had both LASIK and PRK with wonderful results and can highly recommend Dr Boxer Wachler to others considering visual correction surgery.

Khawar Siddique, MD ~ Los Angeles, Neurosurgeon
LASIK and PRK 2007
Boxer Wachler Review 2008

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler Patient Reviews

I found that staff to be great. They explained everything that was going to occur in this procedure, before, during (important), and after. My vision is stable.

Ben Catellanos
Police Office/Detective; Reedley, CA

Holcomb C3-R®
Outstanding care! Everything was explained throughout the entire process, which was very comforting.

Sharon Brady
Police Officer; Beverly Hills, CA

Receptionist, assistants, Dr. Boxer Wachler have all been great. Thanks!

Maurillo Velazquez
Firefighter; Lancaster, CA

Holcomb C3-R®
My vision is great, I love it! Everyone was warm and friendly. Just do it!

Steve Macau
Firefighter; Hawaii

The procedure was only 5 minutes, start to finish of procedure. The next day I could read as if nothing was ever a problem. I have had no discomfort whatsoever. I was nervous for no reason. Dr. Brian was very reassuring.

Craig Welday
Fire Engineer; Torrance, CA

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