CK for Keratoconus Los Angeles

Conductive Keratoplasty Los AngelesAstigmatism is a common vision problem that causes blurry and/or distorted vision due to an irregularly shaped cornea or lens. Because keratoconus is a gradual bulging of the cornea, which eventually takes on a cone-like shape, patients who have this condition inevitably develop worse vision through astigmatism.

At my Beverly Hills practice, I, Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, help my patients with keratoconus to overcome their .astigmatism and related vision problems by performing conductive keratoplasty (CK). CK is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to improve the astigmatism shape of the cornea.

Originally, doctors conceived of CK to address refractive errors like presbyopia and farsightedness. However, as our understanding of keratoconus evolved, it became clear to me that conductive keratoplasty could be useful in treating this condition as well.

CK Procedure Details

First, I administer numbing eye drops so that the patient’s eyes remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Next, with the help of a thin probe, I precisely deliver radiofrequency heat to the cornea. (RF energy is extremely safe and is currently used in a variety of medical procedures.) In just a few minutes per eye, CK shrinks targeted areas of the corneal tissue to improve the cornea’s curvature.

How Conductive Keratoplasty Helps

Astigmatism Treatment Los AngelesThe positive effects of CK can be seen quickly. The strategically administered heat improves the shape of the cornea, which typically helps my patients to achieve better vision with less astigmatism. Minimizing the bulging of the cornea is also beneficial with Intacs. Intacs are miniature, crescent-shaped inserts placed in the cornea to further flatten it and improve vision. I often perform these two procedures in conjunction on the same day to optimize the benefits.

CK Recovery

The patient’s vision is usually strong within a day of having the procedure (depending on the stage of their keratoconus), though it can take multiple weeks to completely stabilize. Most people feel well enough to resume their normal activities, including work, within a couple of days. I will continue to monitor your eyes with follow-up appointments (or if you are from out-of-town we can help arrange a follow-up doctor near you) to make sure the procedure has been successful and healed as expected.

Why Dr. Brian Does CK Better Than Other Doctors

My complication rate for conductive keratoplasty is exceedingly low (we’ve never had an infection) since the procedure does not require a laser or blade to reshape the cornea. I can immediately confirm that the shape of the cornea has improved after the procedure.

The main benefit of choosing me for this procedure is that I combine it with Holcomb C3-R, a proprietary treatment that helps to lock in the effects of CK for maximum improvement. Since many CK patients find that their results regress over time, it is important to enhance the procedure with Holcomb C3-R so that the results are longer lasting.

Make an Appointment to Discuss CK with Me

I urge all patients with keratoconus to seek prompt treatment to better preserve their eyesight. If your keratoconus has given you distorted vision with astigmatism, the good news is that conductive keratoplasty can play a significant role in improving the way you see. Together, we can devise a thorough treatment plan to limit and overcome the problems posed by keratoconus. To make an appointment with one of the country’s foremost keratoconus experts, please call 1-310-860-1900, text 424-245-0171 or email for a consultation.

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