top 10 lasik myths

1. LASIK is painful and uncomfortable

We use great numbing drops, so LASIK is an easy and comfortable procedure typically it’s even painless.

2. You can go blind from LASIK
In the old days that was a possibility, but the reality with modern Fortified LASIK we’ve never seen anybody go blind or even close to that.

3. LASIK is new
LASIK is having its 25 year anniversary now in 2016 so it definitely  stood the test of time.

4. LASIK is not affordable
Lots of companies offer financing for patients that make it easily affordable, similar to a cell phone bill.

5. You need to wait until after you’re 40

The reality is that LASIK could be done as young as 18 years old

6. LASIK only lasts a few years
LASIK is a permanent correction in the cornea so especially when we do Fortified LASIK we strengthen the cornea, and that gives us long-term stability in the cornea.

7LASIK takes a long time to perform
A lot of people think that, but the reality is LASIK especially Fortified LASIK is only about seven minutes per eye.

8. LASIK takes a long time to recover
For most patients the typical reaction is the very next day people are seeing phenomenal and you can resume to the daily routine, whether you work, go to school or drive, ext.

9. LASIK only corrects nearsightedness and cannot correct astigmatism or farsightedness

 This is a myth that carried over from the original FDA studies where a astigmatism was not included in the approval, but now for over 15 years, astigmatism, farsightedness as well as nearsightedness can all be treated.

10. It doesn’t matter where you get LASIK because the outcome is the same since the laser does all the work

 Even though there is very sophisticated equipment and lasers being used for LASIK and Fortified LASIK, it still depends on the surgeons experience, because remember, those are just fancy tools that at the end of the day a surgeon is still using. You defiantly want to seek out the very best top surgeon to perform your LASIK.

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