Restores Your Life by Treating Keratoconus – SAVES You From a Risky Cornea Transplant

Restores Your Life by Treating Keratoconus – SAVES You From a Risky Cornea Transplant

This progressive Institute was designed with the comfort of the patient in mind. Patients often refer to the Institute being “as relaxing as a spa!” State-of-the-art equipment is showcased in the central diagnostic station, which is not only the physical but also the fundamental nucleus of the practice. The “humidity-controlled” surgical facilities help optimize our patients’ results. Our Institute creates a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.


Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler: Inventor of the First Non-Invasive
Cornea Collagen Crosslinking, Holcomb C3-R (Since 2003)

Vision correction can only be as good as the diagnosis.

  • Did your doctor tell you that your only option is a “cornea transplant”?
  • Does the thought of having a cornea transplant scare you?
  • Are you concerned about driving at night?
  • Do you feel hopeless and that there are no other options?
  • Do you have glare and halos at night?
  • Do you ever feel depressed because of your vision?
  • Do you avoid going out at night?
  • Are you concerned you won’t pass the driver’s test at the DMV?
  • Did you go in for LASIK, but were surprised to find out you have Keratoconus?
  • Did you doctor NOT tell you about other options such as Holcomb C3-R and Intacs?
  • Do you feel there is no hope and depressed at times?
  • Are you concerned about your Keratoconus getting worse in the future?

We spend a good deal of time upfront assessing your eyes so that we can make the best possible recommendations for your situation. Our patients must pass all of our testing requirements before being a candidate. Since Dr. Boxer Wachler’s practice is largely word-of-mouth, it is important that our patients have the best possible results.

Dry eye assessment, pupil size, corneal topography, and corneal thickness are among the most important tests that we perform.

As stated in the LASIK Consumer Report, “It is not prudent to tolerate ‘corners being cut’ when it comes to your eyes. Please, insist on the highest standards.”

Imagine Your Life Improved, Free from Worrying about Your Eyes

Would your like to life your life with freedom? Remember the feeling of being free when you first learned how to drive – wasn’t that a liberating moment? Multiply that feeling by about 1000 and now you get a sense of what Dr. Brian does for thousands of people.

You’re probably still researching treatments for your eyes. We can help you.

We help patients in Southern California and outside states and countries with essential information about: Holcomb C3-R, Intacs for Keratoconus, WhiterEyes® eye whitening, FORTIFIED LAASIK, Visian ICL, and Cataract procedures. You will not find this information in any one internet site, book or article.

The latest LASIK advancement is FORTIFIED LASIK that provides extra ‘peace of mind’ for your LASIK experience.

The LASIK CONSUMER REPORT below on the right side column is a great resource.

You can also click on the UPPER MENU “Patient Stories” to watch patients discuss experiences in their own words from all of our procedures and see news stories in the UPPER MENU “Media Center” that cover the various procedures. Consider this site your comprehensive educational resource. It’s constantly updated too.

This website answers a wide range of questions, such as:

  • “Is it safe? Does it hurt?”
  • “What should I expect?”
  • “What are patient stories and experiences like?”
  • “How do I know if my eyes are in expert hands?”

Our procedures are often described as “miraculous”. Dr. Brian having had LASIK personally understands having an eye procedure can be a decision that is as overwhelming as it is exciting. Your results can only be as good as the diagnosis AND treatment. Since no two eyes are the same, the only way for you to know if you are a candidate is to have an advanced diagnostic examination by an experienced doctor like Dr. Brian.
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