4 Ways EVO Visian ICL Beats Contact Lenses

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Often referred to as “permanent contact lenses,” EVO Visian ICL is quickly becoming one of the most popular vision correction procedures worldwide now than many millions of procedures have been performed. Ophthalmologists and patients alike have found that EVO Visian ICL achieves a higher quality of vision than LASIK, particularly for people with more nearsightedness. In this blog, Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler explains why so many of his patients who previously wore contact lenses are thrilled they made the switch:

1. No Maintenance

Contact lenses require a lot of upkeep. They need to be removed before bed (or midday if you take a nap) and carefully placed back on your eyes the following morning.  In between, they must be cleaned. All of these actions wind up costing several precious minutes of your already busy schedule. If you sleep in your contact lenses, there is a well-documented increased risk of serious infections that can cause loss of vision from permanent cornea scarring.

With EVO Visian ICL, all that is required is a quick seven-minute, minimally invasive procedure, as well as a couple follow-up appointments. Thereafter, you do not need to do anything. The ICLs are designed to be permanent, with no adjustments or cleaning necessary.

2. Limiting Infection Risks

Optometrists warn their patients about taking proper safety measures when wearing and handling their contacts. It is easy for bacteria or debris to get on a contact lens and cause an infection, or for a cracked/chipped lens to lacerate or cut the eye.

Unfortunately, as contact use becomes more routine, patients become increasingly lax with precautions. Studies show that over 80% of contact users engage in risky contact behaviors like not washing their hands before handling their contacts or inadequate cleaning of the lenses. If you ever wet your contact lens by putting in your mouth, then you can relate! If you are like many contact lens wearers who sometimes can be careless, EVO Visian ICL is a much safer option, especially in the long term.

3. Biocompatibility

If you don’t like the feeling of having a contact lens on your eye, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you cannot feel EVO Visian ICL. That’s because collamer is composed of biocompatible material: a combination of collagen and polymer. Your eye will never reject the EVO Visian ICL. Since these already exist in your eye, you should not experience the sensation of having a foreign object in/on your eye, just like you don’t feel a filing for a cavity in your tooth.

4. Eventual Savings

No doubt, EVO Visian ICL is significantly more expensive than contact lenses in the short term. However, when you start to add up the cost of contacts over a couple decades, the difference becomes negligible.   Also factor in the quality of life improvement of having excellent, natural vision 24/7 when you wake up in the morning, play sports, etc. Considering that EVO Visian ICL offers 24/7 better vision, it can even become a cost-effective solution in the long term. If you can handle paying the money upfront (or with help from a financing plan), it can be a wise financial investment.

Learn More About EVO Visian ICL

If you are interested in ditching your contact lenses for an implantable collamer lens, come speak to Brian Boxer Wachler, MD, the surgeon who is recognized as a top Visian ICL implanter in the United States. For a consultation with Dr. Brian, please call 1-310-860-1900 today.

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