Happiness is Being Married To My Bestfriend

bbw and selina red carpet

Research studies suggest couples feel more satisfied with their relationship when jointly participating in activities together. From walks on the beach as the sun sets, to a romantic candle lit dinner overlooking the ocean, the cliché everlasting list of things couples do together continues.

My wife Selina and I have been married for 23 years – she was my summer camp sweetheart back in college when we were counselors.  My favorite thing that we do together is literally just hanging together.  We’re happy to just be anywhere as long as it’s together.  Next would be going for dinners without the kids. Our twin girls are ten years old now, but Selina and I always carved out “us time” even when they were babies.  We understood it’s easy to lose touch with each other when children arrive on the scene.

In Los Angeles there are great restaurants abound, but my favorite is Izzy’s Deli, a New York style delicatessen, that has cushy booths. It’s not fancy, but then again I’m not either when you peel off the veneer. I love hanging with Selina in booths so much that I had one built in our kitchen at home (yes, true!). Now we can hang out in a booth on a daily basis!

We like to work out together.  I’m a rower and she definitely is NOT one, so there sadly is not joint water time. But we can be at the gym when I’m on the rowing machine and she hits the elliptical machine.   We time the end of our workouts so we end up stretching together on the mat. Another favorite activity we love to do together is travel. I’m always up for adventure (even if there is no booth around) and she is game for exploring something new. It’s fun when she comes with me when I fly to international meetings.

As these activities may seem similar to the ones you and your partner love to share together, Amy Paffrath and Drew Seeley’s idea of things couples do together may surprise you. Have you ever thought of getting a surgical procedure done with your significant other? Amy Paffrath and Drew Seeley did. The couple came into our office and experienced Fortified LASIK surgery together last month. The couple shared their hesitation for Fortified LASIK but did not regret the life-changing results. After many years of glasses and contacts use, the couple was looking for a change, and after visiting Boxer Wachler Vision Institute, that is exactly what they got. Check out the video below of their experience.

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