How to Prevent Keratoconus from Stealing Your Teen Years

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Being a teenager can be challenging enough on its own, so finding out that you have keratoconus while you are still in high school only adds to your stress. Roughly 1 in 400 people are affected by keratoconus, with most of these patients developing the symptoms during their teenage years. In other words: you are not alone.

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler is an internationally recognized ophthalmologist who specializes in the treatment of keratoconus. He has found amazing success treating teenage patients, helping them to avoid serious vision loss and lead normal lives.

What Keratoconus Does to Your Eyes

Keratoconus can occur almost at any age, but teenagers can have an especially difficult time handling the situation. Your peers who are unfamiliar with keratoconus might have rude questions if they notice your cornea bulging into a cone shape. It is normal to feel self-conscious about your keratoconus, even though you have nothing to be ashamed of.

The main way that keratoconus can put a damper on your teenage years is by impairing your vision. As your cornea bulges, your vision is likely to become distorted and blurry. That means you may need to rely on glasses or contacts more than you have had to in the past, which can be annoying.

Luckily, treatments are available for keratoconus, and they can help you to minimize the condition’s effects on your life.

Act Early

You may be tempted to delay treatment for keratoconus when it first appears, believing that it makes more sense to address it when it gets more serious. Unfortunately, delaying keratoconus treatment only amplifies the consequences. Early treatment slows the effects of keratoconus and prevents the need for more invasive interventions like corneal transplant later.

Dr. Brian understands that you have plenty of more fun things to do as a teenager than visit the doctor’s office. However, he has also witnessed what happens when keratoconus is ignored, so he knows these appointments are critical. You will not regret having your keratoconus treated.

Recovery from Keratoconus Treatment Is Easier Than You Might Think

If you are like most teenagers who undergo cross-linking, you are probably worried about the recovery period: Will it impact your schooling or social life? The best solution for most teenagers diagnosed with keratoconus is Dr. Brian’s signature procedure: Holcomb® C3-R corneal cross-linking. After this brief treatment, pain is minimal if not non-existent. Better yet, most teenagers feel and see well enough to resume their normal activities by the following day.

With Intacs® surgery, Dr. Brian inserts a thin device that stops the cornea from bulging. The downtime is comparable to cross-linking. Often, Dr. Brian performs these procedures in tandem for maximum effectiveness and to cut down on the number of appointments needed.

Make an Appointment with Dr. Brian

In the past, teenagers diagnosed with keratoconus had plenty more to worry about. Thanks to advancements in keratoconus treatment, the outlook for keratoconus patients is much brighter. If you have keratoconus, speak with your family about what you have learned, and then contact the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute to seek treatment.

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