What EVO Visian ICL Can Do That LASIK Cannot

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LASIK may still be the most recognizable name for the surgical correction of refractive errors, but it’s certainly not the only effective method. A growing number of patients are learning about EVO Visian ICL, an insertable lens implant that can correct myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism.  Millions of people have already had Visian ICL to correct their vision. As one of the nation’s foremost EVO Visian ICL doctors, Brian Boxer Wachler, MD, shares some of the advantages that ICL has over LASIK.   

No Corneal Tissue Removal

One of the main reasons that some patients are not good candidates for LASIK is that their corneas are too thin to remove additional corneal tissue and/or their prescription is too high for LASIK (think Coke bottle glasses). Fortunately, EVO Visian ICL does not involve removing corneal tissue, so the thickness of the patient’s cornea is not a factor. The fact that the cornea remains intact also makes patients better candidates for other potential eye surgeries that may be desired or necessary later in life.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet light exposure is bad not only for the skin but also the eyes. Unprotected sun exposure can lead to retinal degeneration, cataracts, and cancerous growths. While sunglasses are an important tool to block out UV rays, the collamer in EVO Visian ICL provides extra UV protection. That way, patients who leave their house without sunglasses are still minimizing their risks.

Avoiding Dry Eye

Chronic dry eye is a common eye condition characterized by itchy, burning eyes. Many ophthalmologists avoid performing LASIK on patients with dry eye because it can make the symptoms worse and cause additional discomfort. In fact, many people who did not previously have dry eye ended up developing dry eye symptoms for at least a couple of months after having LASIK. With EVO Visian ICL, patients are not at significant risk for dry eye flares after their procedure. Moreover, patients who already have dry eye can be good candidates for this EVO Visian ICL.

EVO Visian ICL Can Be Reversed

Although EVO Visian ICL is designed to last for the remainder of patient’s life, it can be reversed. In contrast, laser reshaping of the cornea is permanent and cannot be undone. While most patients will never have a need to undo the vision correction of an ICL, in situations where the patient’s prescription changes dramatically or a traumatic accident injures an eye, it is nice to have the option to remove the ICL.

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If you have moderate to severe nearsightedness that you would like to correct and see without your glasses and contact lenses, you may be a great candidate for EVO Visian ICL — even if you do not qualify for LASIK! To learn more about this treatment from the doctor who created Visian ICL in-office procedure rooms, please schedule a consultation by calling Dr. Brian at 310-860-1900.

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