Climbing Mountains After LASIK

For those of us who love mountain climbing LASIKvision correction can be a scary topic. So what about all the rumors of problems related to mountain climbing and vision correction? There was a bit of a problem with a few climbers when it came to RK vision correction and mountain climbing. RK vision correction is a procedure that was primarily performed in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  RK vision correction involved tiny incisions in the outer lens of the eye (cornea). The extenuating circumstances? They didn’t inform their doctor they would be climbing (Mt. Everest) nor did they inform the guide they had a procedure- a couple of “no-no’s” in the realm of climbing. The problem with RK incisions is that high elevation can cause pressure on the eye and the RK incisions would flex causes the vision to become blurry.

So what height is great to climb after you have vision correction procedures? To be honest whether your at 18,000ft on the Mexican Volcanoes, or at 29,000ft to the top of Mt. Everest you should have minimal effects from modern vision correction procedures, such as LASIK, PRK or Insertable Contact Lenses. The approximate time to wait is generally 2 weeks. But be sure to talk it over with your eye care professional.

The Most Common Procedures:
  • Custom Wavefront LASIK
  • No Cut LASEK
  • PRK
  • Visian ICL
The Most Common Complications:
  • Dry eyes
  • Vision Fluctuation During Healing Period

Even if you are still questioning the idea of mountain climbing after LASIK a quick conversation with your eye care professional can help put the aftercare in perspective. Remember that it takes at least two weeks of recovery time in most cases before you should climb. See your eye care professional to be sure. Ensure that this is something you are interested in doing should be top priority. Making sure that you will be able to do the things you love with your new vision comes next.

So whether you are interested in climbing the 22,500 ft of the Aconcogua or you want to make it only half the way to the top of the Mexican Volcanoes check out what vision correction procedure will best suit you and your situation.

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