How Fortified LASIK Differs from LASIK

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In the past two decades, millions of Americans have sought LASIK to reshape their corneas and correct common refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Countless more have considered having the surgery but have held off to see if it becomes even safer and more effective over time. If you have been holding out for the best and most advanced LASIK procedure available, look no further than Fortified LASIK, performed exclusively by renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler.

What Fortified LASIK® Does Differently

Fortified LASIK is an enhanced version of LASIK. After completing the steps normally performed with LASIK, Dr. Brian performs Holcomb C3-R®, a corneal crosslinking procedure proven to strengthen your cornea. He puts a vitamin B2 formula into your eye and then shines an FDA-approved UV light to reinforce the cornea.

While he originally pioneered Holcomb C3-R to treat keratoconus patients, Dr. Brian found that it had similarly positive effects in patients immediately following LASIK. Since your cornea may be vulnerable after LASIK surgery, any extra protection the surgeon can provide is welcome, and this is where the non-invasive Holcomb C3-R treatment comes in.

Best of all, Fortified LASIK only adds a couple of minutes to the overall procedure time. It does not amplify your discomfort or extend your recovery time either.

Why Does Getting Fortified LASIK Matter?

Though traditional LASIK is a safe procedure overall, it carries some risk of weakening the cornea. This can occur because a small flap is created at the edge of the cornea and some tissue is removed to reshape the cornea to correct refractive errors. Patients with a weakened cornea can develop keratoconus, a serious eye condition in which the cornea thins and gradually bulges into a conic shape. Because keratoconus distorts vision and creates nighttime halos, it requires treatment.

Although the risk of developing keratoconus due to LASIK is relatively small, considering that the whole point of the surgery is to improve your vision, it makes sense to seek the extra care to safeguard the health and functionality of your eyes.

Where Can You Find Fortified LASIK?

Fortified LASIK is a proprietary procedure, which means that Boxer Wachler Vision Institute is the only place in the world to offer this enhanced surgery. Because it provides extra protection for the eyes, patients from across the country regularly travel to Dr. Brian’s Beverly Hills office for an excellent surgical experience and peace of mind.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian to discuss Fortified LASIK, please email or call 1-310-860-1900.

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