Discovering the Benefits of CK for Improving Reading Vision

Conductive Keratoplasty (known as CK) has many benefits for those who are trying to explore vision correction to improve reading vision. CK uses radio waves to reshape the cornea instead of a laser. This is a non-invasive procedure that helps those with Farsightedness, Nearsightedness, and even with those who have Keratoconus at many stages.

Farsightedness (also known as Hyperopia) is a condition that prevents the patient from seeing clearly at close range. The cornea is typically a sphere shape, but sometimes there is damage or it becomes irregular which prevents the patient from seeing images properly. There are many treatments available to help improve the vision of the patient. Those who are compatible can reduce the irregularity of the cornea with this non-invasive procedure.

Below are some more benefits of the CK procedure:

There are many benefits to having the CK procedure performed. This noninvasive procedure provides the patient with a quick recovery and helps improve reading vision. Please read below to see some other benefits of the CK procedure:

  • Little to no pain
  •  Quick recovery time
  • Increased quality of vision
  • Procedure can be done in the doctor’s office
  • No overnight hospital stays (outpatient)
  • Patient may have freedom from glasses or contact lenses
  • Procedure can be done in combination with other procedures

The CK procedure is quick and effective for those looking to improve their overall quality of life as well as their quality of vision. If you are tired of wearing your glasses or contact lenses and would like to see if the procedure is a fit for you, contact your eye care professional.

Hear how CK helped Marilee, a criminal defense attorney:

Advancing Treatments for Hyperopia (farsightedness)

Finding the Benefits of NearVision CK (Conductive Keratoplasty) for Hyperopia/Farsightedness

Most patient’s over 40 begin to lose the ability to read without the use of reading glasses.  Many patients feel like reading glasses are “a weight around their neck”.

CK (Conductive Keratoplasty) helps to reduce the need for reading glasses for patients over the age of 40.

CK (Conductive Keratoplasty) is often referred to as NearVision CK. This is because the procedure improves the near vision in the non-dominant eye.

NearVision CK is done in the doctor’s office and requires only 5 minutes per eye. The procedure is minimally invasive and does not carry the risks of LASIK eye surgery. Patients can return to work and driving usually within 1 day.

Patients sometime ask, what’s the catch – a 5 minute procedure sounds too easy. Here is the rub, although NearVision CK improves a patient’s near vision immediately, the effect wears off as the eye continues to age.  The treatment may need to be repeated every 3-5 years.

Healing is easy, there are relatively few complaints.  Occasional patients might note during healing: slight irritation and glare from light sources at night.

Top Benefits of NearVision CK:

 Reduced recovery time compared to LASIK
 Reduced procedure time compared to LASIK
 Less invasive than LASIK – increases safety
 It can be completed in the doctor’s office
 Only takes 5 minutes per eye
 See Results relatively quickly

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, MD is a renowned eye surgeon specializing in reading vision treatments and other procedures.

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