3 Symptoms to Discuss with Your Eye Doctor

Quite often we forget about the aliments we can’t see. Often if it’s not bothering us regularly, or in the tabloids we forget to get them checked our eyes are one. However there are 3 common symptoms that should prompt you to get an eye exam. While eye care professionals recommend that you get a general eye exam annually, many of us don’t go in until something changes drastically.

Below are 3 Common Symptoms that should prompt you to get an eye exam:

Blurred or Double Vision:

There are several things that can cause blurred or double vision. If the symptom suddenly appears you should get it looked at by the Emergency room. If you have had vision problems in the past and this is a new symptom you should contact your eye care professional.

Blurred or Double vision can be a sign of:

 Keratoconus
 Cataracts
 Glaucoma
 Astigmatism, Nearsightedness, or Farsightedness
 Diabetes Mellites

Some of these conditions can develop quickly and cause severe vision loss. Getting it checked out can save your quality of vision.

Eye Pain:

Eye pain is one of the most common symptoms today. The truth is eye pain is a symptom that something is not quite right but it can be anything from dry eye to Glaucoma causing it. So while getting any new symptoms checked out by your eye care professional is important you shouldn’t panic until the doctor tells you what’s wrong.

Red Eyes:

Red eyes is another common eye complaint and it can be caused by Pink eye, an blood vessel, or even a change in color on your eye. Getting your concerns checked out is an important thing but making sure you check on them even when there is not a problem can provide early detection. Physical conditions like Diabetes, or Hypertension can even be seen early by seeing you eye care professional annually.

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