How Can Age Affect Your Vision?

Cataracts ~

Most of us worry about aging and how it effects our bodies. Cataracts is a progressive condition that appears slowly often leaving no symptoms. Generally symptoms don’t occur until the cataracts has progressed enough to disturb your vision. Cataracts is a natural slow clouding of the natural lens inside the eye. Most commonly the treatment for this condition is Cataracts surgery a procedure that is routinely performed and can have a relatively easy recovery. 
Generally Cataracts is found during a routine exam, however some people can get symptoms early, below are a few:

  • ·         Colors are fading or yellowing
  • ·         Inability to read without bright light
  • ·         Very poor vision at night
  • ·         Halo vision – visibility of halo around lights, lamp and bright sunlight
  • ·         At night the headlights seem to be too bright
  • ·         Blurry vision
  • ·         Cloudy vision
  • ·         Double vision .

While these symptoms are often those symptoms of other eye conditions if you have any reporting them to your eye care professionals with help you get the proper diagnosis. Though it could be something common or less serious any eye changes can indicate problems in your physical health or vision.
Cataracts are identified by a series of tests:
There are several tests that maybe performed to diagnosis Cataracts your eye care professional can help determine a Cataracts diagnosis on most routine eye exams.  Cataracts development differs between people.
A few tests are:

  • Pupil dilation to assess the lens
  • Visual Acuity testing
  • Measuring eye prescription
  • Slit-lamp microscope

Age-related cataract, develop over a long period, usually noted between the ages of 65-85. However it can happen to those early in life, including those who have Diabetes. Diabetes can increase the rate in which the Cataracts develop. An eye exam every year is very important to keep top quality of vision.

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