WhiterEyes™ Eye Whitening Treatment and Recovery

Image is everything, in today’s “image ridden” world we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves just a little more. If you are suffering from bloodshot, brown spots, or notice yellowing of the eye, you may be a candidate for our WhiterEyes™ procedure. This procedure pioneered by Dr. Brian, is a 100% no-stich procedure that typically takes 15 minutes. You may resume to your normal activities within 1-7 days, and results are visible within 4-6 weeks after the procedure. As with any procedure, results vary due to differences in healing response.


There is a preliminary no-cost evaluation that can be done by  emailing the office photos of your eyes. You can email these photos to: info@boxerwachler.com

Once the preliminary evaluation is completed, you can schedule an in-office consultation. This 2 hour in-office evaluation is the final determination to see if you are a potential candidate. If you are an out of town patient, the evaluation and procedure can be done on an easy 3- Day Trip.

The WhiterEyes™ procedure has brought many of our patients the confidence back they once had.

The feeling you will get when you look in the mirror is well worth the cost and recovery time of undergoing the WhiterEyes™ Eye Whitening Procedure.

Call our office at (310) 860-1900 or email us at info@boxerwachler.com to schedule your preliminary evaluation.

Are You Tired of Your Get the Red Out Eye Drops?

WhiterEyes® Eye Whitening

We know you have struggled with bottle after bottle of “Red Out” drops, but there is an alternative. It can save you hundreds of dollars a year, the WhiterEyes® Eye Whitening Treatment. This treatment was developed to help remove the yellowish, and brown spots on the whites of your eyes. WhiterEyes® removes of the top layer of membrane that contains the unsightly excessive red veins, yellowish spots or brown spots and allows a new clear membrane  to grow in its place.

This easy 10-15 minute procedure will have you looking your best in as little as 4 weeks. The procedure involves removing a thin membrane from the surface of your eye, and a layer that is clear will grow in its place giving you the fabulous bright look you want.

Benefits of WhiterEyes®:

 Quick Recovery
 Gives you a healthier look
 No need for Drops or other short term products
 Little to no pain
 Reported increase of moisture of eyes
 10-15 minute procedure

So if you are struggling with the “red, yellow, or brown spots” and are tired of looking like your tired all the time find out more about the WhiterEyes® Eye whitening treatment it will save you money and get the results you want.

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, MD is a renowned eye surgeon specializing in the WhiterEyes® Eye Whitening Treatment, and other procedures. For more information on the WhiterEyes® Eye Whitening treatment visit


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