Baseball Season is Back: How’s Your Vision?

When it comes to baseball vision is an important part of the players health. Being able to see the ball properly is a major part in hitting and catching the ball. Hand eye coordination when it comes to training can make a player great or push them to the bench. So how do we ensure that our eyes are taken care of all year around?

First ensuring that you get an exam each year will help your doctor establish how your vision is doing. If there are any changes they will notice and early detection of several conditions can be detected by a yearly exam.

Additionally there are other ways to improve the eyes including the Visian ICL. What is the Visian ICL?

Visian ICL:

The Visian ICL is the High Definition of the visual age. Do to new technology the Visian ICL can improve the clarity of your vision. The Visian ICL acts like an antenna tuning in the picture or image shown to the eye and interpreted by the brain. The procedure is less painful and has a short recovery time.

The Visian ICL is a tiny lens that is inserted behind your natural lens to add improved clarity to your current vision. It is made with a special material that is Bio-compatible and requires no maintenance. It doesn’t break down over time, and it can be removed if needed.

Below are some more benefits of the Visian ICL

  • Comfortable 7-10 minute procedure
  • Quick Recovery
  • Lasting treatment option
  • Low risk
  • Clear and sharp vision – HD vision
  • Improvement in distance and depth perception

If you are a baseball player and need to recover quickly or are worried about the affect it will have on your overall game play this is an excellent procedure for improving your quality of vision. It will allow you to see much more clearly and reduces maintenance for your eyes. With improvement to your depth perception your next home run will come sooner than you think.

Listen to Sports Reporter Alan Abrahamson
Visian ICL with Dr. Brian in 2007

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