Effects of High Altitudes After LASIK?

For those who love the wilderness ensuring our eyes are at 100% is top priority. The worry of vision correction can be a scary thought. There are many procedures that have benefited us in the past and even more in the present. So how do we know which ones are safe, and what effects it will have after-wards?

In the past RK or Radial Keratoplasty was a wide spread treatment much like today’s LASIK procedure. This was a concern for Mountain climbers because of the scare on Mt. Everest. Since then procedures have changed and now LASIK has become a more advanced and successful procedure in the world of vision correction. Continual climbing or reaching high altitudes over 16,000ft can cause mild symptoms like dry eyes. But most climbers have no significant changes.


The LASIK procedure has more accurate lasers, and provide a better clarity to the patients vision. In the past the RK procedure used tiny incisions to reshape the eye and improve the vision, it’s accuracy was dependent more on the doctor holding the surgical instrument. The problem with RK and altitude is that the incisions seem to almost flex at high altitudes cause the vision to change. Research over the past 2 decades has allowed us to use better more capable lasers, as in custom wavefront LASIK. Other LASIK procedures are All Laser LASIK, and PRK.

Benefits of LASIK in High Altitudes:

 LASIK improves clarity
 Quick recovery after LASIK procedures
 Can return to climbing in as little as 2 weeks after procedure
 Less risk of fluctuation to the cornea after LASIK versus RK
 Little pain

If you are worried about whether or not you can return to climbing after LASIK, that shouldn’t be an issue. LASIK will give you a clearer view of the world around you in the air or on the ground. Remember improving your quality of vision will improve your quality of life.

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, MD is a renowned eye surgeon specializing in LASIK treatment and other procedures.

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