Exploring the Visian ICL During Baseball Season

With Baseball season starting there are several worries related to the eyes. The largest amount of sports related injuries each year are due to baseball. And 90% of eye related injuries are preventable. The largest number of eye related injuries in baseball are from the position of Batter. Why? The batters vision needs to be good both near and at a distance to hit the ball right. Those with near vision impairment can get hit by the ball before even realizing its the ball.

Almost 2/3rds of the eye related injury victims are between the ages of 15-25. There are several professional athletes that still struggle with vision problems and go unchecked each year. The truth is most people feel that if they have a procedure done they won’t be able to play.

The most common eye related injuries each year are:

  • Detached Retina’s
  • Corneal Lacerations
  • Hemorrhages

Most of these injuries are due to direct ocular contact with the ball. While baseball is the sport we love we must protect ourselves at all times. Several athletes have neglected their vision and have waited until it was almost a necessity to make it through the day. St. Louis Cardinals Aaron Luna recently have vision correction surgery to improve his vision. The Visian ICL which are tiny implants placed in the eye to improve your natural lens vision. With the Visian ICL in some cases, you can experience life without contact lenses or glasses.

Aaron remembers what it was like before the Visian ICL and now is grateful he had the procedure done. The Visian ICL takes only about 30 minutes per eye and its recovery time is generally 1 week. You should ask your eye care professional about the Visian ICL it can benefit you in your next Baseball season!

For more information on the Visian ICL visit: www.visianinfo.com


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