Are You a Candidate for Visian ICL?

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Implantable contact lenses (Visian ICLs) are artificial lenses that are placed in front of the natural lenses to correct vision. They function like normal contact lenses but are secured inside the eye. To help you understand whether you may be a good candidate for the procedure, Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler shares some of the main factors involved in making this determination.

You Are an Adult Under the Age of 45

The best time to receive ICLs is after the point where the eyes have stopped growing (usually between ages 18 and 21) and before middle age when older eyes start to gradually (and naturally) lose some acuity. If this is a procedure you are interested in having, do not postpone it so long that you miss out on this ideal timeframe. People over age of 45 can still be candidates.

Your Prescription Is Steady

Your vision prescription usually should be stable prior to the procedure. A continuously evolving prescription will not be adequately resolved by ICLs.

You Are Very Nearsighted

The worse your myopia (nearsightedness) is, the more incentive there is to consider Visian ICLs. Whereas LASIK can tackle mild to moderate myopia, ICLs are best for moderate to severe cases of myopia. In fact, eyes with only mild myopia may be “over”-corrected by ICLs.

You Are Not a Good Fit for LASIK

So many of the patients who consider Visian ICLs do so because they were not considered to be a good candidate for LASIK. Fortunately, several of the factors that may make someone unsuitable for LASIK, like thin corneas or keratoconus, extreme myopia and chronic dry eye, often do not apply to ICLs.

You Are Tired of Wearing Eyeglasses or Traditional Contact Lenses

Visian ICLs are not medically necessary. There are other ways to correct refractive errors, most easily with glasses or contact lenses. However, if you are looking for a more long-term solution so that you no longer have to remember to bring your glasses when you leave your house or change your contact lenses each day, then you may find ICLs to be a smart and convenient choice.

Check in with Dr. Brian

Dr. Brian was one of the first ophthalmologists in the United States to use Visian ICLs in his office. If you are interested in a long-term solution to your nearsightedness, please schedule a consultation at Boxer Wachler Vision Institution by calling (310) 860-1900.

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