BlephEx Treatment

Seb-BlepharitisOver 86 million people in the U.S are affected by a chronic, inflammatory disease in the eyelid, caused by an abundance of bacteria in the base of the eyelashes and along the inner eyelids. Blepharitis is responsible for the common symptoms that dry eye patients suffer from- crusting of the eye, itching, red inflammation, and foreign body sensations. BlephEx’s main goal is to elongate the time between the Lipiflow treatments. This 2 minute per eye procedure, is the third and final component of the dry eye treatment. The painless procedure is done by a technician here at our office. The technician focuses on thoroughly eliminating eye debris by walking you through the step by step process. Numbing drops are applied to the patient’s eye as the technician holds the eyelid open, and begins the scrubbing. Much like a dentist appointment, this procedure should be done post Lipiflow as a “checkup” every 6 months to ensure proper eye maintenance. Check  out our BlephEx video down below for a more visual representation of the procedure.




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