Tips for Taking Care of Your Vision During Baseball Season

Since baseball is an American pastime, many individuals play and they need to protect more than just their throwing arm. Maintaining the quality of vision when doing activities, including baseball, is extremely important. In fact over 90% of all eye injuries can be prevented with a little attention and research. Below are some tips to help you maintain your vision throughout the sports season.

Find the Right Eye Care Professional:

When it comes to eye care, the most important aspect is to have an eye care team that has experience in vision care and you can trust,. One way to determine if they are a good fit is by doing a little research. You can then decide if they have the right in eye health.

Questions you should ask yourself when deciding:
• Do they have the right education?
• Are they experienced in a wide variety of eye conditions?
• How do you feel when you walk in their office?
• Are you comfortable with their team (staff)?
• Do they explain things to you in a way you understand?

Once you have established a good eye care team, the most important way to take care of your vision is to have an eye exam every 1-2 years. Generally an exam every 2 years is enough, but if you have a family history of eye issues or are active in activities it should be annually. This will help your doctor detect eye conditions early and other health problems that can affect your activity in the future.

Additionally, there are several supplements that can help support good vision health. While there are a lot of foods that can improve your vision, an added supplement is also helpful. For those who have an active life it is good to find the right supplement(s) to support healthy eyes and vision.

Most patients with eye-related conditions are diagnosed between 15-25 years of age. This is often in an athlete’s prime years. Both nearsighted and farsighted vision is required to properly play the game.

Below are some of the most common sports related eye injuries each year:
 Detached Retinas
 Corneal Lacerations
 Hemorrhages
 Eye loss

For more information regarding how to protect your eyes during sports season, click below.

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