How Wavefront LASIK is More Advanced than the Original LASIK

Wavefront LASIK vs. standard LASIK

In past decades the main treatment for vision correction surgery was the LASIK procedure. However as with most procedures there are some associated risks. Many people who were receiving this procedure were not the right candidates. For many who had it done there were problems with thinning corneas, oddly shaped corneas, and even conditions like Keratoconus which were not correctly diagnosed during their consultations.

Then came the Wavefront LASIK. This procedure uses a computer to guide them throughout the procedure to reduce visual distortions to provide improved quality of vision.

Wavefront LASIK can be used to repair complications from prior LASIK procedures as well.

Below are some of the benefits of Wavefront LASIK:

  • Can improve overall quality of vision
  • Can improve night vision
  • Can achieve 20/20 vision (in some cases)
  • Can repair some damage from prior LASIK procedures

Remember with all procedures there is a chance of risks or complications. Ask your eye care professional what your risks and benefits are in regard to Wavefront LASIK. If you are interested in alternatives to your eye glasses or contact lenses, Wavefront-LASIK maybe a good procedure for you.Clear and precise quality of vision is important in our everyday lives for work and personal reasons. Ask your eye care professional about the Custom Wavefront-LASIK procedure.

Watch an animation that explains Wavefront-LASIK procedure visit

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