A New and Improved Contact Lens for Keratoconus!

Contact_LensContact lenses continue to evolve as enhanced technology expands manufacturing boundaries.  An exciting new system that continues to solve challenging Keratoconus cases is the Eye Print Pro lens.  Designed to align over every unique contour of the individual eye, this lens offers several advantages.  Increased comfort, enhanced vision and decreased or even resolved areas of redness (if misalignment from a current lens is the culprit) have been reported by clients.  Furthermore, scleral contact lens fogging has been reduced or in some cases eliminated.  However, if current foggy vision is occurring from a non-alignment issue, this lens may not offer improvement in this area.

To become a candidate for this system, a client needs to be out of all contact lenses for 5 days.  If this is not possible, we’d then move to the next best option, which is to fit one eye at a time.  After the 5 day break from contact lens wear, an impression process captures the exact shape of the entire eye in less than five minutes.  This mold then undergoes 3D scanning to create a precise match to each individual eye.

We are excited for this product as it is yet another solution to treat those with significant corneal disease and ocular surface irregularity.  If you are experiencing adverse symptoms with your current contacts and would like more information about this opportunity, please contact Dr. Weiss at (310) 860-1900 to set up a consultation so we can begin the investigation on how your needs and goals can be best addressed.

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