Improved LASIK Treatments for Vision Correction

LASIK has had a stigma associated with its name for years. And there have been a number of issues in the past when it comes to this type of treatment, however they are not for the reasons that have been circulating. While LASIK helps with several eye conditions, not everyone makes a good candidate and may be misinformed, which is where many problems come in.

If you are considering LASIK as a treatment for astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness, getting a complete and detailed evaluation should be your main priority. There are several people who shouldn’t get this procedure due to large pupils, or thinner corneas. For those with these problems, other options are available.

The new Wavefront LASIK is a more precise and accurate procedure allowing the doctor to guide the laser throughout the entire procedure. This ensures that the procedure is done correctly with minimal if any post-procedure symptoms such as halos, double vision, or the need to repeat the procedure as some have in the past.

The procedure allows the doctor to see the eye on the computer screen and gives them the ability to adjust it even if the eye is in motion. It takes less than 30 minutes and provides the patient with incredible results. Below are some benefits of using this type of procedure.

  • Patient can get both eyes done at the same day
  • Patient can have the procedure in combination with other procedures
  • There is little to no pain
  • Procedure can repair previous LASIK issues
  • Procedure has reduced recovery time

If you are looking to have freedom from glasses or contacts and don’t want a long recovery period, or symptoms afterward. Trying the new wave-front LASIK maybe a great treatment option for you. For more information on this procedure and to hear a first-hand experience, visit

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