Top Summer Tips to Protect Your Eyes

Summer is in full swing and there are several reasons protecting the eyes is important, especially this season. We often enjoy the weather, but if we haven’t experienced problems with the eyes then protecting them can be overlooked. For those who have faced difficulty with the eyes, it’s frequently second nature however if eye problems are a new thing, even small things can be overlooked.

For instance the sun may be a problem if you are outside a lot or you’re involved in activities that require long periods of sun exposure. Remembering to get your eyes examined annually is only the first step. You can do things daily to improve or protect your vision. Below are 3 tips you should always remember when dealing with your eyes.

Tip 1: Wear protective eyewear:

This is important because the sun’s rays are hazardous to your vision. The type of eyewear you wear can be just as important as wearing them. Why? There are several types of sunglasses. Making sure you use the right kind will greatly reduce the exposure to the sun’s rays.

For instance: UV 400 + is the best degree to keep the sun’s rays out. Making sure you wear glasses with wrap around protection can also keep the rays from getting to your eyes on the sides of the lenses.

Tip 2: Daily Vitamins;

There are several types of vitamins that can help with vision care. Ensuring that you add a daily supplement can strengthen your eyes from the inside and improve your overall vision. Some vision supplements also assist with other health issues as well. Especially if you are active during the summer months, make sure you get the right mix of vitamins.

Tip 3: Reducing Dry Eye Symptoms:

One of the main causes of degenerative diseases such as Keratoconus is frequent rubbing of the eyes. This often happens when the patients are suffering from Dry Eye, dehydration,  or irritation from dust and debris in the air. If you are suffering from symptoms of dry eyes or your eyes are irritated, frequently talking to your eye care professional can help prevent further damage to your vision.

Over the counter eye drops, or artificial tears, are an important but temporary fix to this situation until an appointment can be obtained. It is important to have fun this summer but staying safe and protecting your eyes is equally important. For more information and tips on summer safety visit

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