LipiFlow: Spa-Like Treatment for Dry Eye

There are so many causes of Dry Eye and for those who have experienced it you understand how it can affect your daily life. For those who have had treatments or may still be seeking treatments you know there are often few things that can help with the daily irritation, scratchiness, and gritty feeling that dry eyes causes.

One of the main causes of Dry Eye is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Meibomian gland dysfunction causes a blockage of your meibomian gland, and causes inflammation causing discomfort, and irritability in the eye.

Dry Eye Symptoms:

Scratchy Sensation
Foreign body sensation
Excessive eye rubbing
Redness in eye
Excessive tearing
Sensitivity to Light

Lipiflow Treatment:

Lipiflow is non-invasive spa-like treatment that provides relief from Dry Eye. The treatment only takes 12 minutes and is comfortable. Most patients even report immediate soothing relief. The special cup is placed around the eye. The cup massages the eye – it is a mini-facial for your eyelids.

Many patients who have already taken the Lipiflow treatment say that it has changed their life.

Reducing the symptoms of Dry Eye provide improved daily life. Increasing the ability to participate in outdoor activities again, and reduced the amount of drops needed daily to live comfortably.

For instance “Trudy” had dry eyes for over 10 years, after having the Lipiflow treatment she can now play golf again, and says the results where “immediate”

Lipiflow Benefits:

Less use of Drops
Improved vision
Improved tear film quality
Improved function of the eye
Procedure less than 15 minutes
Pain-Free and Comfortable Treatment

Here how LipiFlow helped Jennifer

If you are looking for a great way to improve your overall eye health and struggle with dry eyes daily put down the drops and try Lipiflow. After all it could improve your life. For more information visit

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