How Does the Cold Air Affect Your Eyes?

Changes in the season are a way of nature and most of us think of getting sick, or worry about keeping protected from cold temperatures but what about the effects that cold air has on our eyes? Yes the cold season does bring out other problems for those with eye conditions. Below are some of the eye conditions that the cold air may effect and some things you can do to prevent it.

Dry Eye:

Dry eye is often a symptom of another underlined condition however it can be a condition of its own. Dry eye is caused when the body does not make the proper amount of tears, or the patient merely doesn’t blink enough. Dry eye can be an annoying problem that can reoccur if not treated properly. It causes the eyes to become irritated, and often cause the whites of the eyes to become red or blood shot looking. Below are some symptoms of dry eye:

  • Irritation
  • Frequent rubbing
  • Eye pain
  • Red color in the whites of the eye
  • Scratchy feeling across the entire eye

The most frequently used treatment for Dry eye is over the counter drops, or “get the red out” eye drops. It is recommended however that if you feel that you have dry eye you should see your eye care professional and request artificial tears to help rejuvenate your eyes and help your eye produce more tears. This will put the moisture back into your eyes and give you relief from all of the symptoms.

Below are some tips for you if you suffer with eye symptoms during the cold months.

  1. Protect your eyes even during cold months. Avoid the dry cold air from hitting your eyes by wearing protective eyewear, such as Moisture Eye Glasses by EyeEco
  2. If you use a furnace be sure to add a humidifier as well to add some moisture to the air you are breathing. This will help reduce the amount of dry air that comes in contact with your eyes
  3. If you still have difficulty with dry eye visit your eye care professional frequently and use some over the counter artificial eye drops until you can get in to see them.
  4. Don’t rub your eyes.

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