Understanding Dry Eye During the Spring and Summer Months

Do you suffer from dry, itchy and/or red eyes? Has your eye care professional told you that you have Chronic Dry Eye? If you’ve already been diagnosed with Dry Eye, the spring and summer months can be especially troubling.

There are several reasons Dry Eye can be affecting you worse in the hot spring and summer months than in the colder winter months.

Below are a few reasons Dry Eye increases:

Exposure to Sunlight – For those who are active, dry eyes can be especially troubling in the spring and summer due to excessive exposure to sunlight without the proper eye protection. Continued exposure to sunlight can cause more difficulty with vision because the tear film can evaporate more quickly.

Environmental Exposures – With warmer weather, often we go outside more. Outside elements can also cause more problems in the spring and summer months because of decreased tear film.

Less Blinking – When we blink we essentially help the tear film cover the eyes. If we blink less, we have less tears covering the eyes.
There are new treatment options available to help those with chronic Dry Eye.

One such treatment for dry eyes is LipiFlow®.

What is Lipiflow®?

The new treatment LipiFlow® uses specialized goggles and heat to help unclog the Meibomian glands within the eyelids. Typically there are between 30-40 Meibomian glands that produce oils which help tears from evaporating off the eyes. Depending on how many are clogged upon evaluation will help determine if you are a good candidate for the LipiFlow® procedure.

Learn more about treating your dry eyes:

What Do You Know About Meibomian Gland Dysfunction?

Discovering How to Treat it 

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction is a blockage of your meibomian gland, which are located in the lower and upper eyelids near the eyelash line.

There are several causes for dry eyes which give the patient the feeling of gritty eyes, irritation, and dryness. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction is one such cause of dry eyes and can cause inflammation of the eye and eyelid.

Are you affected by dry eyes on a daily basis?

Have tried other treatments, such as over the counter drops, artificial tears, prescriptions, or other treatments which have not worked?

LipiFlow® may help provide relief by removing the blockage of the Meibomian Glands.  When the glands are properly function this can help reduce constant redness, itching, scratchiness, dryness and even the inflammation of the eyelids.

Dry Eye Symptoms from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction:

  • Scratchy Sensation
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Excessive eye rubbing
  • Redness in eye
  • Excessive tearing
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Dryness
  • Crusting around eyelids

The LipiFlow® Procedure:

There are several things we take for granted in life. Often we don’t think about how many times a day we blink until there is a problem. Lipiflow provides patients with relief from dry eyes. These allows many suffering the ability to be active, and enjoy life without a lot of worry of dry or irritated eyes slowing them down. The procedure is a quick spa-like 12-minute treatment performed in the comfort of your eye doctor’s office. Most patients descript the treatment as soothing and pain-free.

How does LipiFlow® work?

The device is placed around your eyelids. The device warms and massages your eyelids causing the blocked oil to liquefy. Then a slight suction and pressure will removed the liquefied oils that were once blocking the glands. Now the glands will properly function to produce oils to help improve your tear film of your eye and help your eyes feel moister. The treatment is yielding great results by providing patients with improved daily life, their ability to participate in outdoor activities again, and reduced the amount of drops needed daily to live comfortably.

If you are looking for a great way to improve your overall eye health and struggle with dry eyes daily, try Lipiflow ®. After all it could improve your life.

Listen to Diana’s experience with LipiFlow ®


Top 4 Benefits of LipiFlow Treatment for Your Dry Eyes

  • Have you been suffering from Dry Eye?
  • Does Dry Eye effect your daily life?
  • Does Dry Eye cause you to avoid activities you would normally participate in?

The LipiFlow® treatment may be a great solution for you. There are several treatments available for Dry Eye, but unfortunately many are only temporary treatment. The LipiFlow® treatment helps improve your Dry Eye at the root cause improving your daily activities, and increasing the quality of your life.

Below are 4 Benefits of the LipiFlow® Treatment:

Proven to Work: Over 76% of the patients in the LipiFlow® clinical trial, reported significant improvements in symptoms of dry eyes within 4 weeks. This means that many can resume their daily activities without worrying if their eyes will cause them pain, itching or burning. Dr. Brian combines his proprietary cream with the LipiFlow® resulting in 98% of patients receiving relief from their dry eye concerns.

Ease of Treatment: The LipiFlow® treatment can be done right in our office. This treatment is only 12-minutes, since it is so quick and easy it can even be performed the same day as your evaluation.

Heat Pulse Treatment: The LipiFlow® Thermal (heat) Pulsation System is used to add heat to the Meibomian gland of the eye. As we age these glands begin to become clogged. The natural oils start to crystalize within the gland, which means less oils in your tear-film. This is why your eyes feel dry. The LipiFlow® treatment unblocks the glands and allows them to start producing oils that lubricate the eye again and stabilize the tear film from evaporation.

Experience: TearScience®, the developer LipiFlow® Technology, has over 25 years of research experience behind them. Allowing them to understand the cause of dry eye and studying how it effects the patients, and how other products attempt to relieve the symptoms.

There are several symptoms of dry eye. If you have been diagnosed you know what they are, but for those who are not familiar below are some of the symptoms of Dry Eye. If you have any of the following symptoms contact your eye care professionals.

  • Itching
  • Watering
  • Burning
  • Scratching Sensation
  • Redness
  • Blurred Vision

Barbara discusses her experience with the LipiFlow® treatment:

For more information regarding Dry Eye or the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System visit www.lipiflow.com/dryeye

LipiFlow: Spa-Like Treatment for Dry Eye

There are so many causes of Dry Eye and for those who have experienced it you understand how it can affect your daily life. For those who have had treatments or may still be seeking treatments you know there are often few things that can help with the daily irritation, scratchiness, and gritty feeling that dry eyes causes.

One of the main causes of Dry Eye is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Meibomian gland dysfunction causes a blockage of your meibomian gland, and causes inflammation causing discomfort, and irritability in the eye.

Dry Eye Symptoms:

Scratchy Sensation
Foreign body sensation
Excessive eye rubbing
Redness in eye
Excessive tearing
Sensitivity to Light

Lipiflow Treatment:

Lipiflow is non-invasive spa-like treatment that provides relief from Dry Eye. The treatment only takes 12 minutes and is comfortable. Most patients even report immediate soothing relief. The special cup is placed around the eye. The cup massages the eye – it is a mini-facial for your eyelids.

Many patients who have already taken the Lipiflow treatment say that it has changed their life.

Reducing the symptoms of Dry Eye provide improved daily life. Increasing the ability to participate in outdoor activities again, and reduced the amount of drops needed daily to live comfortably.

For instance “Trudy” had dry eyes for over 10 years, after having the Lipiflow treatment she can now play golf again, and says the results where “immediate”

Lipiflow Benefits:

Less use of Drops
Improved vision
Improved tear film quality
Improved function of the eye
Procedure less than 15 minutes
Pain-Free and Comfortable Treatment

Here how LipiFlow helped Jennifer

If you are looking for a great way to improve your overall eye health and struggle with dry eyes daily put down the drops and try Lipiflow. After all it could improve your life. For more information visit www.LipiFlow.com

How Does the Cold Air Affect Your Eyes?

Changes in the season are a way of nature and most of us think of getting sick, or worry about keeping protected from cold temperatures but what about the effects that cold air has on our eyes? Yes the cold season does bring out other problems for those with eye conditions. Below are some of the eye conditions that the cold air may effect and some things you can do to prevent it.

Dry Eye:

Dry eye is often a symptom of another underlined condition however it can be a condition of its own. Dry eye is caused when the body does not make the proper amount of tears, or the patient merely doesn’t blink enough. Dry eye can be an annoying problem that can reoccur if not treated properly. It causes the eyes to become irritated, and often cause the whites of the eyes to become red or blood shot looking. Below are some symptoms of dry eye:

  • Irritation
  • Frequent rubbing
  • Eye pain
  • Red color in the whites of the eye
  • Scratchy feeling across the entire eye

The most frequently used treatment for Dry eye is over the counter drops, or “get the red out” eye drops. It is recommended however that if you feel that you have dry eye you should see your eye care professional and request artificial tears to help rejuvenate your eyes and help your eye produce more tears. This will put the moisture back into your eyes and give you relief from all of the symptoms.

Below are some tips for you if you suffer with eye symptoms during the cold months.

  1. Protect your eyes even during cold months. Avoid the dry cold air from hitting your eyes by wearing protective eyewear, such as Moisture Eye Glasses by EyeEco
  2. If you use a furnace be sure to add a humidifier as well to add some moisture to the air you are breathing. This will help reduce the amount of dry air that comes in contact with your eyes
  3. If you still have difficulty with dry eye visit your eye care professional frequently and use some over the counter artificial eye drops until you can get in to see them.
  4. Don’t rub your eyes.

For more information on your eyes visit www.allaboutvision.com

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