Do you have Keratoconus?
Are You Tired of Your Hard Contact Lenses?

This May be an alternative!

Do you wear Hard contact lens for your vision correction? Searching for the right option to help you see without pain and discomfort? INTACS could be the answer. Since 1999 there has been several improvements in the way Keratoconus istreated. The use of hard contact lens could be a thing of the past for you.

INTACS has shown positive results for a replacement for Rigid Contact lens. INTACS are tiny inserts that are placed between the layers of the cornea to improve your vision. INTACS in combination with Holcomb C3-R®  have proven to give exceptional results for the treatment of Keratoconus and have stabilized the vision of thousands of patients. In many instances patients are able to wear soft contact lenses rather than the Rigid Contact lenses.

Even better these treatments help avoid the invasive and painful cornea transplant.

The INTACS procedure takes little time and has a quick recovery time. INTACS are permanent and require no maintenance unlike hard contact lens.  If technology changes, the INTACS can easily be removed or exchanged.

Below you will find some benefits of using INTACS:

 No maintenance
 Short recovery time
 Easy to remove & and change  [if needed]
 No feeling of the INTACS in the eye

INTACS & Holcomb C3-R®:

The use of INTACS in combination with Holcomb C3-R® has had a positive effect on treatments for patients with Keratoconus. Holcomb C3-R® has proven since 2003 to strengthen the patients cornea  stopping the progression of keratoconus. While INTACS provide more  comfortable in contact fit and improved quality of vision with contacts.

Both procedures can be performed in as little as an hour. With little recovery time and exceptional results.

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, MD is a renowned eye surgeon specializing in Keratoconus treatments, and other procedures. For more information on Keratoconus visit

Dr. Phil’s show, The Doctor’s , educates about Keratoconus:

I have Keratocous. Can I go Horseback Riding?

If you are newly diagnosed with Keratoconus and love horseback riding this diagnosis may be a discouraging discovery for you. However being diagnosed with Keratoconus is not the end of the world. You may think because it is a progressive condition that you will have to give up the things you love, like Horseback riding. This is not true. Keratoconus can cause a lot of adjustments in your daily life but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of it.

There are several treatment options that are available for you especially if you have been diagnosed early. There are several stages of Keratoconus and treatments to help you at each stage. In fact there are contact lenses that can be prescribed that can help you through many stages of your Keratoconus comfortably.

SynergEyes Hybrid Contact lenses are a cross between the soft lenses you love for the comfort and the RGP lenses you don’t. The advantage is that they provide better vision than soft contacts through the hard center that is like an RGP, but with their soft skirt they feel like soft lenes. They can improve your vision while horseback riding without causing added discomfort, dry eyes, or irritability you may otherwise have with RGP lenses.

SynergEyes Hybrid Contact lenses have a thin sleek fit provides a better fit and decreases irritation from wind and dust as the RGP’s may do when you are riding. The wind can cause dry eye and more dirt and dust to irritate you will your horseback riding.  SynergEyes Hybrid Lenses also provide you with more treatment coverage. These lenses can be adjusted to fit you throughout the different stages of your condition.

Some of the benefits of SynergEyes Hybrid Lenses:

 Improved Visual clarity
 Improved Comfort
 Reduces the need for many treatments
 Lasts longer than most soft contact lenses
 Can be used in most all stages of Keratoconus (except for complex cases)

Important Facts About SynergEyes Hybrid Lenses:

 Soft skirt keeps the rigid part centered
 Allows layer of tears to form to correct some blurred vision
 Improved visual clarity
 Comfort for all day use
 Useable at most stages of Keratoconus
 Less irritability
 Several custom designs to choose from

Dr. Donna Weiss fits these advanced Keratconus constacts, along with other designs. To schedule an initial examination and evaluation call the office: 310-860-1900

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